Francisco Pascual Sinise

I was born in Argentina on a Saturday in July 1989 in the city of Posadas, Misiones. This was the nearly Virgin Territory that taught me to feel the natural beauty of its dreamed landscapes and drove me to photography. My passion for retaining those images may have arisen when I was a little child and shared with my parents and brothers the contemplation of landscapes in our frequent tours for the routes, Cities and Towns of this province. My father at that time, with his Reflex, a Pentax 1000 showed off with the resource of the light meter, arousing curiosity in the effects achieved, that we should wait for the development and printing on paper to find out the results. Growing up in this place has generated on me a strong bond with Nature, jungle sceneries, mighty rivers, crystalline streams, impressive and beautiful waterfalls, Rough waters, neighborhood trails, winding red dirt roads, with steep hills and valleys, villages with that European stamp given by immigrants and of course the magnificent Iguazú Falls and the Mocona Falls (“Saltos del Moconá”).

As a teenager the concern to professionalize this Passion started and without losing the curiosity and initial freshness, take courses and set techniques, for which thenceforth  I ventured to undertake permanent internship days, travelling around my province then neighboring provinces, others more distant, then territories of South and Central America,  always having the certainty that the magic of a shot does not lay in the kilometers traveled but in being at the appropriate time and place and possibly the best picture is the one that achieves to feel and portray around the corner that I see every day.

Once High school had finished I needed a sabbatical year, which of course, my parents did not understand and did not grant, but I managed by dint of wit to live an excellent annual experience enjoying unbeatable friends gathered in those fabulous times and my passion for photography and in the absence of a year of rest I attended a first year of tertiary education in a Cooking academy to become a Chef, wherein I also used to practice my photographic passion applied to this field.

After that year of transition in the upcoming years I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration, then the Degree of Certified Public Accountant and finally a Master’s Degree in Finance. From the Love for Nature in those times surely arose the need to know about the Oriental culture, finding in Meditation and Yoga a practice and an harmonious way of life. In this school I also learned that a true Sage before a stunning manifestation of nature does not emit the minimum expression of astonishment simply contemplates, without making any judgment since his training considers that the very act of judging that instant would end with the experience.  On my part I have not reach  such a high degree, so before such a situation without making any judgment I focus and freeze that miraculous spectacle and that is my greatest challenge, every opportunity to be better prepared to capture the best of the life that surrounds me.

The art of Photography means to me recording the shapes, colors, vibrations and that sublime state where the image of static elements, root and foliage beings, animals, insects, human brothers and their auras is frozen, relating to each other and expressing their original emotions.

"In my eyes I visualize the details; I go through every perfection and imperfection. Everything I observe comes from a constant practice and search for balance where I try to show you the universe, my fears, my faults and my greatest virtues through my Photos."

Francisco Pascual Sinise.